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You will add a new degree of excitement to your piano teaching career as you digest the contents of this book and see firsthand how the techniques actually work.  That excitement will surely carry over to your students!

 Dino P. Ascari

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Chord Recognition Flash Cards...

Chord Recognition Flash Cards

As a teacher, you know that the vast majority of music, whether serious or popular, has a harmonic structure to it. Therefore, you realize that studentsí ability to recognize chords in both note and symbol form is essential to their musical development. With that in mind, Dino P. Ascari, author of The Art of Effective Piano Teaching, brings you Chord Recognition Flash Cards.

On the front of each card, using root position, first inversion, and second inversion forms, each major or minor chord is written in both Treble and Bass clefs. On the back of each card, the corresponding answer is given three different ways: full name, intervallic notation, and chord symbol (using slash/chord notation where applicable).

Teachers may drill their students from either side of the card and can even require that all chords be identified and played correctly within a specified period of time (i.e. under two minutes).

When students use Chord Recognition Flash Cards they learn their major and minor chords as never before. Offered at a 40% discount off the list price of $9.95, the teacherís cost is only $5.97 per set. Why not get your students started on the road to chord recognition today!

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Front Page Sample

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Back Page Sample

(Actual Size 3x5)

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